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Buy Neurontin Cheap (Gabapentin/Analgesics, Anticonvulsants), buy gabapentin from india is a collective of creative professionals focused on sharing the story of our developing world. The group includes writers, researchers, photographers, filmmakers, translators, editors and designers experienced in meeting the communication needs of NGOs, development agencies, socially responsible businesses and editorial clients worldwide.

RISC training course 2013. Credit: RISC/Temoris GreckoUPDATE: RISC medical training for freelance journalists

In October, Buy Neurontin Cheap (Gabapentin/Analgesics, Anticonvulsants), buy gabapentin from india’s Kate Thomas (pictured centre) completed a four-day course in battlefield first aid thanks to Reporters Instructed in Saving Colleagues (RISC). RISC was created by author and filmmaker Sebastian Junger after freelance photojournalists Tim Hetherington and Chris Hondros were killed in Libya. RISC courses teach freelance journalists lifesaving techniques to treat their own wounds, and those of colleagues and civilians, while working in conflict and hostile areas. The training is in-depth, covering everything from CPR to treating collapsed lungs and deep arterial bleeds. “Now I can’t imagine not having the skills to offer help,” Kate says. “Working in hostile areas without this medical knowledge now seems as ridiculous … More »

YGLVIDEO: Action Aid and Young Global Leaders

This year Myanmar hosted the World Economic Forum on East Asia. Each year the WEF selects a roster of 300 promising young talents to be part of the Young Global Leaders network [YGL]. YGL’s are a unique community of people coming from all over the world working in diverse fields ranging from business sector to civil society, government and culture. All have one factor in common: They have been successful and achieved remarkable results at a young age! The Young Global Leaders join the conferences of the World Economic Forum and prior to the conference they spend one week in the country to engage with actors that are shaping the … More »

Children carry sacks of millet across the scrub on the outskirts of Socoura village, central Mali/ Kate Thomas/ March 2013UPDATE: Mali’s humanitarian crisis

Buy Neurontin Cheap (Gabapentin/Analgesics, Anticonvulsants), buy gabapentin from india’s Kate Thomas spent all of February and March in Mali and northern Burkina Faso, covering the ongoing humanitarian fallout of the conflict. For SOS Children’s Villages, Kate headed up to Mopti and Sevare in central Mali to talk with some of the area’s estimated 23,000 IDPs from the north. You can see some of her work here . And for the revamped Reuters Alertnet site, Kate produced a photo-essay on refugees’ belongings, shooting the possessions people grabbed before fleeing their homes. Besides other projects, she also published a piece for Alertnet’s new women’s rights pages on sexual violence during the conflict.

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